Home Decor: A beginners guide to home decoration

by Hassan Shukr 03/24/2024

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Want to spruce up your home? With the right home decorations, you can freshen up your space and give it a brand-new glow. This blog provides a beginners guide to a few great home decoration tips. 

Paint window frames a bold accent shade

Painting window frames with bold shades can complement your living space. Hues like yellow or tangerine brighten the area and can add a warm filter to light entering rooms. This design also adds visual interest as it complements neutral tones found elsewhere in the space. For example, aqua painted frames to complement a beige room.

Prioritize storage & organization

In addition to adding bright accents to your home, it’s important to keep your space organized. An unorganized space can draw attention away from your awesome home decor. Multipurpose storage can help. For example, some ottoman chairs come with a department for storage. This allows you to utilize the entire space, so your home design can shine! 

Give your home a seasonal update

Small seasonal updates can be fun and add a touch of cheer to your space. For example, decorate your powder room with orange and red hand towels, leaves and rugs during Fall. Add a fresh assortment of flowers to your coffee table during Spring. Small changes can liven up the entire room. 

Get creative with your home decor. Paint your window frames with bold accent colors. Organize your space and keep it clean. Consider decorating areas such as the dining room table with seasonal themed decorations. If you need assistance with choosing a design style, consider consulting an interior designer for more home decor inspiration. 

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